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Ultimate Remote Operations

As the UKCS accelerates towards a net zero future and a more integrated energy industry, remote operations technology and associated capabilities have a key role to play in unlocking the key benefits of safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly operations that reduce the offshore CO2 footprint.

Despite powerful demonstrations in other industries, the energy industry has not adopted to the same extent, remote operations as part of normal operating practices in the UKCS.  As an industry, we should draw inspiration from other industries, with the space industry leading the way, where harsh necessity gave rise to truly remote operations.

In space, remote operations isn’t just another way to operate, it’s the way to operate.  The parallels are clear and we can bring remote operations as the way to operate the UK’s offshore energy assets.

With a multitude of technology point solutions available, part of the problem has been existing solutions only focus on individual elements of the remote operations landscape.  This makes it difficult to procure, integrate and implement solutions that deliver remote operations for an asset(s).

NZTC is looking to tackle this challenge and is looking for digital technology solutions that enable key operational processes to be carried out entirely remotely, with minimal or no human intervention, as in space exploration.

Key points to consider for meeting this challenge

The remote operations technology should:

  • Enable delivery of a whole process area/or use case avoiding individual point solutions e.g end to end digital worker solutions and not an ATEX rated handset
  • Be applicable to the energy sector which includes Oil & Gas, Renewables, and new energy solutions for the future
  • Have demonstrable value case in either increasing efficiency, reducing carbon impact and/or reducing risk
  • Be able to reach a minimum TRL of 6/ideally 7 to a maximum of 8 to allow field trialling in a relevant and/or operational environment