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Scotland’s Net Zero Roadmap: Collaborating Towards Decarbonisation 

29 March 2023 2 minute read
Written by Luca Corradi

Emissions from the industrial sector currently account for over 11 million tonnes per year, about a quarter of all Scotland emissions. These need to decrease by 43% on 2018 levels by 2032 to keep Scotland on track with its net zero targets. We know what we need to do… act fast. The development and deployment of net zero technologies is a necessity to make this ambitious target into a reality.  

I‘m excited to say there’s progress being made, we’ve hit a key milestone in Scotland’s journey to net zero with the launch of The Scotland Net Zero Roadmap (SNZR). The roadmap outlines how the largest industrial emitters in the country can move towards net zero by 2045, analysing various decarbonisation scenarios, identifying optimum process technologies and infrastructure required to achieve net zero.  

Collaboration is essential for the success of any major initiative, especially when it comes to decarbonisation efforts and the Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) space is no different. The success of the CCUS value chain depends on capturing CO2 emissions from industrial clusters and storing them in geological formations. This process requires knowledge and expertise from the emitters for capture, the oil and gas sector for storage, while transportation of CO2 is managed by pipeline and network operators. Therefore, collaboration between these sectors is crucial to ensure the success of CCUS technology. 

SNZR was also a collaboration, across public and private sectors, research bodies and disciplines to ensure whole system thinking, economic analysis for industry and community, business models, and technology innovation. The Net Zero Technology Centre was part of this collaboration, helping to identify and prioritise technologies and investigating their potential scale and cost reduction opportunities.  

The roadmap provides government with confidence in Scotland’s readiness to decarbonise ahead of the imminent Track 2 announcement and gives the public and private sectors a tool to stimulate investment. It also provides society and communities with a clear vision of the Scottish cluster and its contribution to a just transition, creating jobs and decarbonising society.  

The launch of The Scotland Net Zero Roadmap is a significant step towards achieving Scotland’s decarbonisation goals. Drawing on the benefits of collaboration and providing a clear vision of the journey ahead will help Scotland achieve net zero by 2045. We still need to act fast, but now we have a roadmap and that’s a great help.  

Learn more about The Scotland Net Zero Roadmap here.

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