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Summer – what happened?

01 July 2019
Written by Colette Cohen OBE

The weather gods have missed the memo that its summer, so I thought I’d share a video with some interesting, clever and impactful technology to bring a little sunshine into your day.
The video shows three great technologies which the OGTC has invested in and are ready now to be deployed in your business. Technologies that can change the way you work, improve your performance and save you time and money. Even better, Opex’ X Pass can also improve your safety performance and help you predict areas of high risk in your operation.

IMRANDD’s new technology can eliminate 95% of your manual handling related to asset inspection data and even better, increases the reliability and usability of your data, allowing you to make decisions and take action. Two technologies which pretty much every organisation can benefit from.

Finally, DeltaTeks Seacure – I realise only suitable to a few of you but a great inner string cementing technology for subsea well construction.

3 technologies ready now – see how they could work for you and bring a little sunshine into your operation.

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