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Supporting Cash for Kids

13 December 2019

What is Cash for Kids?  Cash for Kids is a charity based across the UK, including a strong presence in the North East of Scotland. The aim of the charity is to ensure that all children and teenagers wake up to presents on Christmas day, and in 2018 they raised £15,304,109 and they helped 785,680 children.

Why is it important to support Cash for Kids? Because, did you know 1 in 3 children live in poverty?  This may come as a surprise to many of us, highlighting why it’s important to get involved and support this amazing charity.

Cash for kids operates a network of 21 local branches, including local Aberdeen radio station, NorthSound, with the money raised staying in the local area.  So the presents donated are given to the local community. In Aberdeen, Cash for Kids helps over 17,000 kids.

They use the grant giving process to help the children, which anyone can sign up to with a letter of support. The key categories include poverty, education, experience, sport, health and wellbeing, experiences, equipment….and of course Christmas.

How did the OGTC support Cash for Kids?  By volunteering and donating money and gifts, for the second year in a row.  They have a big box at reception that you can put a present in to help these children and they encourage everyone to donate too.  This year a team from the OGTC volunteered on Friday 6th of December to help sort out gifts for all the children and what category they fall under. 

The OGTC will be continuing to help cash for kids and you should too. This is how you can help today Click here to donate now. 

This blog post was written by 16-year old Cara Boyd, who joined us for a two day internship in Digital Marketing.

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