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Autonomous Systems for Sustainable Subsea Working

19 April 2022 2 minute read

TechX Pioneer Spotlight: HonuWorx 

As the number of offshore installations increases, the ocean economy must scale up the use of subsea robotics to meet growing inspection and maintenance requirements. However, this is constrained by the high cost and carbon footprint associated with the large support vessels required to deploy them.

Pioneering start-up HonuWorx presents a solution with their submersible all-electric motherships. With a high degree of autonomy, the systems allow for the deployment and operation of subsea robots, all controlled and supervised entirely from shore. Acting as an electric alternative to large diesel powered vessels, this innovative solution eliminates the need for a crew in hazardous conditions, while driving down CO2 emissions by up to 30 tonnes per day (per vehicle), and the cost of collecting necessary data required to make informed decisions, addressing customers’ evolving needs. Unaffected by the weather above the surface or seasonal changes, the technology enables a year-round service.

Lucas Wissmann and CEO Lee Wilson founded HonuWorx in June 2020. Their commitment to progress subsea deployment solutions stems from the company’s core values; to support sustainable economic growth, protect the environment and preserve life below water.

Lee Wilson, CEO & Co-founder of HonuWorx

“From the beginning our team’s primary motivation has been to leave a lasting positive impact on the ocean economy while supporting the UK’s net zero ambition. This value is embedded in our name, with ‘Honu’ meaning ‘Green Sea Turtle’ in Hawaiian, reflecting our desire to pursue a harmonious existence with underwater sea life.”

With a team of seven, HonuWorx collectively offers decades of experience in marine robotics and autonomy. The company is committed to utilising the expert advice they have received from accessing TechX’s diverse range of mentors, as well as the programme’s customer discovery sessions, which are actively helping them shape their strategic direction.

“The North East of Scotland was one of the first regions to deploy subsea vehicles offshore, but over the years that pioneering spirit has faded. Our aspiration is to help re-establish the region as the global leader in underwater robotics, whilst offering more sustainable ways of working subsea.”

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