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CUI technology testing call announces two winners 

26 February 2024 2 minute read

The Non-Intrusive Inspection Field Trial Accelerator (NIIFTA) has announced Subtera and Fluves as the winners of the recent call to find innovative Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) solutions.  

Corrosion costs the UK economy £28 billion every year, with that figure rising to £4 trillion globally. Over 20% of the major oil and gas accidents reported within the EU since 1984 have been associated with CUI.  

Many assets on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) are operating beyond their expected design life and 60% of pipe failures are attributed to CUI.  

Factors such as industry standards, regulations, innovation, and the adoption of new technologies influence the overall maturity level of CUI technology. 

The two selected cutting-edge technologies, demonstrate vast potential to shift the CUI landscape, preventing critical damage and allowing operators to get more out of their assets, improving not only profitability but sustainability. 

Subtera’s technology, Pi, is a combined CUI and moisture detection device which aims to optimise inspection using their technology. The handheld tool detects corrosion and moisture under insulation by measuring the sub-terahertz photons emitted, this allows for inspection to occur in real time while the plant is still operational.   

Fluves CORROSION is a technology designed to protect pipelines and critical infrastructure by utilising its 24-hour monitoring system. It can detect problems at an early stage or prevent them altogether, enabling users to benefit from savings of up to 60% on maintenance costs and an extended lifespan on their industrial assets. 

Both technologies are field trail-ready and will get the opportunity to field trail their equipment on an onshore terminal operated by one of the NIIFTA members.  

Dave Cameron, Programme Manager Industry Collab & New Projects at NZTC, said: “The maturity of CUI technology in the offshore energy market varies. While CUI detection and prevention methods have advanced significantly over the years, there is still room for improvement and innovation in certain areas such as detection methods, preventive measures, and predictive maintenance. NIIFTA offers a great opportunity for Subtera and Fluves to further test and develop their technology in a real-world environment.” 

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