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Global start-up ecosystem accelerates at OE19

04 September 2019
  • Tech Xchange – new international technology accelerator partnership
  • Collaborative programme to help nurture and accelerate energy start-ups
  • Official partnership launches at SPE Offshore Europe 2019

Today marks the launch of Tech Xchange – a unique partnership between Aberdeen, UK, Houston, USA, and Perth, Australia, to provide global market-access and investment opportunities for start-ups.

This strategic partnership brings together the Oil & Gas Technology Centre’s (OGTC) TechX, Station Houston and NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) to link three global energy ecosystems and accelerate international growth for technology innovators and start-ups.

Leveraging the Tech Xchange ecosystem on a global platform, the programme will facilitate access to the market including field trials, customer validation and analysis.  It will also increase exposure to early stage investment markets, which is critical for fast-growing high-potential businesses.

The partnership kick-starts at SPE Offshore Europe (OE) this week, including a tour of the North East’s start-up ecosystem, stopping at the OGTC, Elevator and ONE Codebase – meeting with industry experts and influencers, such as TechX Pioneers, investors, operators and service companies.

These start-ups will then become the stars of the show at the brand new OE Start-up Village – Powered by TechX.  Alongside mentors from the North East ecosystem, these emerging companies will battle their way through the ‘Pitch Pit’ to showcase their technologies, including innovative heat to electricity generation, wind power generation and autonomous underwater inspection drones.

David Millar, TechX Director, the OGTC said:

“This is another part of TechX that is the driving force behind pushing it to become one of the most sought-after technology accelerators around the globe. We’re already delivering a world-class programme, TechX Pioneers, which in the space of one year has already created nine new jobs and raised over £1m of additional investment to helped commercialise new technologies.

“We’re delighted to have both Station Houston and NERA on board for the next stage of TechX. This is only the beginning – it’s already proven to be a successful partnership, and we will continue to work with the global teams to promote cross-industry investment opportunities for our start-ups.”

Miranda Taylor, Chief Executive, NERA said:

“As Australia’s Industry Growth Centre for energy resources, NERA recognises the challenges that many early-stage energy and technology innovators can face to access the global supply chain and connect with industry leaders on the world stage, which is why we’ve collaborated with the OGTC and Station Houston to develop the Tech Xchange programme.

“Through this programme, four of Australia’s energy innovators will this week seize this opportunity to create international connections for growth. They’re ready to show the world what they, and indeed Australia, have to offer the international oil and gas industry.”

Gabriella Rowe, CEO, Station Houston said:

“What Tech Xchange will provide to the global market is exactly what Station Houston is doing within Houston’s tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Being part of this strategic partnership allows us to show the rest of the world the type of talent that is coming out of this city and its impact. While at the same time, we are able to be the bridge for our Fortune-500 corporate partners to talent across the world. We are thrilled to collaborate with both TechX and NERA as we continue to accelerate international growth for tech start-ups and innovators!”

UK-based Tech Xchange participant and AI Exploration CEO, Robert Gray said:

“We’re delighted to be a part of this new programme and have not only benefited from expertise and connections through the OGTC and TechX, but we’ve now been offered the opportunity to tap into global resources. It’s an exciting time for us and we can’t wait to get started and accelerate our technology… globally.”

Australian-based Tech Xchange participant and iSOL8 Managing Director Craig Power, said:

“Joining the tour to Offshore Europe Aberdeen as part of the Tech Xchange programme is a fantastic opportunity for iSOL8. We will use the opportunity to discover and compare isolation management systems, set up further trials of the system and pursue commercial opportunities.” 

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