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23. Universities as a catalyst for the global transition to a zero-carbon future

13 December 2022

The need for clean, affordable energy represents one of the greatest challenges of our times and must be addressed in unison. Universities are uniquely positioned to act as an independent broker between government, industry, private sector and other stakeholders intending to reconfigure the current energy landscape.

In this episode, Professor John Underhill, eminent professor, geologist, ex Scottish Premier League referee and Director of the University of Aberdeen’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Transition discusses the Centre’s ambitions, the need for joined up interdisciplinary systems thinking, the Centre’s relationship with the Oil and Gas industry and much, much more.

Topics covered in this podcast:
  • Systems thinking and an Interdisciplinary approach – bringing it to bare to answer fundamental questions, using the right people and the right techniques
  • Centre for Energy Transition and its capability mapping
  • The drive to build a credible identity in the energy transition
  • Why Government and key organisations in the North East of Scotland need to invest in capacity to attract investment
  • Aberdeen University and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Transition’s relationship with Oil and Gas
  • The new frame of reference with oil and gas industry
  • The cost-of-living crisis – bringing the cost of energy down

Featuring Professor John Underhill, Director for Energy Transition, University of Aberdeen


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