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Tendeka secures OGTC funding for technology testing

16 December 2017
Independent global completions service company Tendeka has been awarded funding from the Oil & Gas Technology Centre to advance further field testing of its wireless intelligent completions technology, PulseEight.

The funding will help Tendeka install a PulseEight downhole device and a newly developed PulseEight surface system with OMV Group in Austria. During the installation, various operations will be undertaken to test the downhole device and prove the surface decoding system.

Tendeka’s PulseEight system was launched earlier this year and uses unique pressure pulse telemetry to channel wireless communication between a well’s downhole monitoring and control system and the wellhead. The company has now increased the offering to include an autonomous data decoding system which allows the seamless transmission of well data to any location in the world.

Commissioned as either a standalone surface unit with cloud data management or embedded on existing well control systems, PulseEight Surface allows the user to see real-time the data transmitted from the reservoir. The system autonomously measures surface choke changes and confirms that the surface to device pulse sequence is correct.

John Hunter, Tendeka’s Emergent Technology Director, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with the Technology Centre team as there is a real focus and knowledge on early installations and operator involvement. All along, the team has understood the clear benefits of this technology and how it can help maximise recovery, both locally and across the world.

“The funding has enabled us to undertake a much wider and more comprehensive field trial of our PulseEight system in Austria.”

CEO Brad Baker added: “The future of our industry will in part rely on innovation that allows for more recovery per dollar spent.  It is often the Oilfield Service sector that provides this innovation.  Smaller advanced technologically focused companies like Tendeka are not burdened by mandated cycle times and large commodity portfolios to keep busy and can innovate quicker and more efficaciously.  We appreciate the funding from the Technology Centre to help make this innovative idea a reality.”

Malcolm Banks, the Oil & Gas Technology Centre’s Well Construction Solution Centre Manager, said: “A key part of our remit is to accelerate the development and deployment of new technology and the Tendeka field trial is a great example of this. We want to reduce well construction costs by 50% and we need innovative solutions to achieve this. We hope the field trial is a success and look forward to finding out the results.”

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