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Casing Recovery System

Project Summary

The technology Deep Casing Tools proposes to develop is focused on the Well Abandonment and Slot Recovery markets. Within rig-based operations, to remove in-situ casing strings the industry experiences significant unproductive rig time due to the inability of the current downhole offerings. These techniques are known commonly as “Cut and Pull’, “Perf and Wash” and “Casing Milling”. The technology is not a replacement for the above offerings but is designed to fit into these workflows and will combine current standard Cut and Pull technology with a unique device in order to make standard systems more effective.
The core technology, which is known as the Casing Cement Breaker (CCB) is a concept downhole device or tool that has the ability to be hydraulically operated in wells at selective depths and intervals
or selective time periods in order to break cement behind a casing string in order to ease the removal of said casing string.


The value generation expected from a one-time technology deployment is approximately £1.8 to £2.5 million. With a potential industry saving of £50 million per year in the UKCS.

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