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Eliminating CUI with Copsys Intelligent Digital Skin 

Project Summary

Copsys Intelligent Digital Skin is a unique coating system which can be used for several applications including the mitigation and management of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). 

Consisting of an epoxy resin with Copsys proprietary additives and proprietary polyamine hardener, it is the first technology to digitally detect and locate coating damage. When the skin is damaged, a signal is sent to an electronic controller which processes it and locates the area, the digital skin coating then provides additional protection to the pipework. 


CUI continues to be one of the key integrity challenges associated with insulated equipment. Close inspection remains the most reliable method of detecting and managing this problem. Constantly monitoring the condition of the paint underneath insulation minimises the hidden and pervasive threat to life, property, and environment that CUI causes.  

Once installed the digital skin minimises the need for expensive CUI related inspection campaigns and holds the potential to sustainability reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated five to ten per cent. 

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