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NZTTP – Energy Hubs

Project Summary

Energy hubs, where GW-scale low carbon hydrogen can be produced and integrated with Scotland’s offshore wind resource will be an essential element of the transition to net zero. This project will address common technology challenges and opportunities that energy hubs across Scotland will face.


Creating multiple energy hubs in strategic locations around the UK will integrate various energy vectors to meet national power demands and facilitate European and Worldwide energy export. These energy hubs will utilise renewable energy sources such as wind and tidal to produce green hydrogen and alternative fuels at scale.

The production, storage and transportation of alternative fuels play a key role in decarbonising heavy industry and are fundamental to the transition to net zero.

Creating clean energy hubs across the UK will create new jobs and leverage existing skills and resources to power the energy transition.

Energy Hubs work so far has highlighted the enormous potential in replacement of existing fossil fuels and the benefits this would bring to powering the energy transition. It has provided a comprehensive view of the major use of fossil fuels across Scotland, including offshore Oil & Gas, Marine infrastructure, onshore Industries and transportation, and the fuels most likely to aid the decarbonisation by displacing traditional fossil fuel use.  There remain challenges in delivering technology to maximise efficiencies in production, storage, and transportation. A key opportunity is the creation of Hydrogen at the scale and pace to deliver the volumes to maximise the export potential this will require the acceleration of underpinning technologies from concepts through prototyping and pilot testing, to realise the efficiency of scale to make it commercially viable to international markets. Energy Hubs remains a critical element to delivering the nations Hydrogen ambition.

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