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Pi – CUI and moisture pipeline inspection sensor

Project Summary

SubTera have developed Pi, an innovative, lightweight, battery powered, handheld inspection tool which detects Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and moisture. By measuring sub-terahertz photons emitted inspection can occur in real time while the plant is still operational.  

In addition, Pi can identify holes in fitted insulation where process heat may be continuously escaping. All this data is transmitted wirelessly to an operator’s laptop for real time review and analysis.  


The total cost of corrosion to the UK energy industry is projected to be more than £500 million per year. Not only that but the overall CO2e impact of CUI is 14.72t, based on two inspections per year across 200 assets. 

SubTera’s technology can transform the CUI landscape by revolutionising how inspections are conducted. Moving from the current expensive, slow methods which often require the insulation to be fully removed to quick, efficient, real-time inspection with the insulation still in place. This not only allows for reduced costs and inspection times, but the potential to reduce emissions by 280Mt of CO2e, advancing our transition to net zero. 

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