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Pulser Tooling

Project Summary

The aim of this project is to develop & trial a non-invasive, intrinsically safe tooling system which instantly and safely confirms the operator has identified the targeted line before work commences. In addition, valuable data is gathered to improve efficiency, remove unnecessary risk and target smart integrated operations for any tasks involving pipework, tubing, hoses and cables. Puls8 aim to help users to enhance safety performance and reputation, prevent loss of production, reduce survey time by 50%, eliminate misidentification and repeat work, increase productivity & have a positive environmental impact.


The Puls8 system has the potential to provide a 50% reduction to complete an average maintenance task offshore due to the reduction in the time taken and increased accuracy to identifying pipework, hoses and small-bore tubing.

Minimising risk and managing major accident hazards more effectively is the increased value from this system. Additional value is generated through improved facility integrity, resulting in fewer major HCRs, improved safety, reduced deferment, lower inspection and repair costs.
It is estimated that the Pulser tooling system would create savings to an asset in the region of £785K per annum incl. helicopter & subsistence costs, and deferment of production.

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