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Closing the Gap: A Global Perspective

At COP26 in Glasgow, the world united in a key message: more must be done to align with the Paris Agreement and avoid an irreversible 2°C global temperature rise. 

Whilst the energy system in the UK will be different to others around the world, there are undoubtedly areas of common interest, shared concerns and mutual technology and innovation priorities.


During COP26, thirteen esteemed research and technology organisations, led by the Net Zero Technology Centre and TNO, launched an international research study to outline and compare approaches from traditionally oil and gas producing basins as they transition to net zero integrated energy systems.


Closing the Gap: A Global Perspective will focus on the technologies different fossil fuel basins are targeting and implementing to achieve net zero, the key technology gaps, and innovation priorities to make scalable deployment affordable. 

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The study will set out these priorities and how to advance technology development, with further recommendations for international collaboration. Published in September 2022, the study will inform international delegations at COP27 in Egypt.


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