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One North Sea

The North Sea and its existing oil and gas infrastructure offers an ideal blueprint for the development of renewables technology and acceleration of the energy transition.

Offshore energy systems and cross-border integration will drive the repurposing of existing oil and gas infrastructure and leverage established capabilities to produce smart collaborations between the oil and gas and renewable sector, to develop technologies such as platform electrification, CO2 storage and hydrogen production.

One North Sea, founded by TNO and the Net Zero Technology Centre, is a platform that focuses on stimulating international collaboration, bringing together the ideas and initiatives of research organisations, industry, and governments.

To identify the integration projects that are already underway, One North Sea has developed a database where ongoing energy projects, with a component of re-use of existing infrastructure, are mapped out.

The following themes are included:

  • CO2 Transport & Storage
  • Electrification
  • Hydrogen Transport
  • Hydrogen Production Offshore
  • Hydrogen Storage Offshore
  • Geothermal Energy Production

Join the conversation, start collaborating and make One North Sea a reality. Download the full report below, or visit the One North Sea website.

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