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Reimagining a Net Zero North Sea: an integrated energy vision for 2050

The Net Zero Technology Centre and Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult have set out the direction for an integrated UK net zero offshore energy system where the UK can retain competitive advantage and be a supplier, rather than a buyer, of affordable clean energy solutions.

The report highlights:

  • How the UK can retain its competitive position in energy skills and capability, growing jobs over the next three decades to 232,000 and offsetting expected employment losses.
  • Up to £416bn of investment is needed over the next 30 years, but could deliver £125bn per year to the UK economy.

To achieve this, the report outlines three potential scenarios:

Emerging scenario: renewable energy plays an increasing role, with gas still a significant contributor to the offshore energy mix and a significant requirement for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Progressive: an increased share of offshore renewables dominates the electricity market alongside a blue/green hydrogen mix, with a major role for CCS.

Transformational: outlines an energy system which is driven by offshore wind and green hydrogen, with oil and gas demand matched by clean domestic supply.

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