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Sustainable Decommissioning: Wind Turbine Blade Recycling Phase 2

Wind power produces more electricity than any other form of renewable energy in the UK and plays a significant role in the decarbonisation of the energy sector.

The wind power industry is experiencing unprecedented global growth due to rising demand for clean energy in line with agreements and targets that have been put in place by governments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, such as the Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement and, within the UK, the Climate Change Act.

The ‘Sustainable Decommissioning – Wind Turbine Blade Recycling’ report was produced under the Energy Transition Alliance (ETA), a partnership between the Net Zero Technology Centre and ORE Catapult, with input from experts at the University of Aberdeen and funding from the UK Offshore Wind Innovation Hub. Developing a cost-effective recycling solution for wind turbine blades will significantly contribute to achieving emission reduction targets and unlock up to £1 billion in value for the UK economy.

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