Programme eligibility

Before you apply, make sure you’re eligible for the TechX Clean Energy Start-up Accelerator. The entry criteria are: 

  • Start-ups' technology solutions must be at a technology readiness level (TRL) of 2 to 6 inclusive in order to be eligible for the Accelerator. We will accept applications from start-ups that have developed other technologies at higher TRLs as long as the innovation they are applying with is TRL 2 to TRL 6.
  • Start-ups can be based anywhere as the programme is delivered virtually, but all participants must work to a GMT time zone. In-person attendance in Aberdeen UK is expected for 3 weeks (first week, last week and a week in the middle).
  • The TechX Clean Energy Accelerator is a 15-week full time intensive programme. At a minimum one founder will need to be available full-time during the 15 weeks to take part in the programme. A maximum of two employees (including one founder) may participate in the programme.
  • Start-ups may not participate in other accelerators during the TechX Clean Energy Accelerator programme.
  • Start-ups will only be considered if they are developing clean energy technologies that fit one or more of our technology focus areas, set out below.
  • Start-ups located outside the UK must be able to communicate clearly how they plan to benefit the North East Scotland and UK economies. They will need to incorporate a UK company before the start of the programme.
  • All start-ups must be inclusive and diverse or open to building diverse teams. Read more about our diversity and inclusion initiative

Technology focus areas:

Renewable energy technologies, hydrogen, other clean fuels and green chemicals 

  • Offshore wind - fixed-bottom, floating, airborne 
  • Alternative renewable technologies - e.g. wave, tidal, geothermal, floating solar
  • Network infrastructure 
  • Energy storage (large or inter-seasonal) - geological hydrogen, batteries, alternatives to batteries 
  • Green and blue hydrogen production usage, transport and storage; natural hydrogen 
  • Sustainable fuel production for aviation and maritime 
  • Green chemical production 
  • Low carbon sources of key metals and minerals for the transition, including deep sea

Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage 

  • Carbon capture - direct air, industrial, seawater 
  • Carbon utilisation - synthetic fuels, green chemicals, food and drink, other industry 
  • Carbon transport and storage

Digitalisation (must contribute to a material reduction of greenhouse gas emissions) 

  • Smart, digitised assets 
  • Field automation and remote control - digital twins, AI 
  • Robotics and autonomous systems

Oil & gas emission reduction technologies 

  • Flaring and venting mitigation
  • Methane leak detection and mitigation 
  • Energy efficiency (gas turbine efficiency, waste heat recovery, peak shaving, etc.)
  • Offshore waste management (hydrocarbon waste, drilling waste, platform waste, etc.)
  • Reuse of assets
  • Other greenhouse gas reduction in exploration & production operations

If you have any questions or queries regarding eligibility for the programme, please contact:

Apply and accelerate today.

Applications close at 23:00 (BST) on 9 October 2022.