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Zero emissions power

In 2018, Offshore Oil & Gas assets in the UKCS required 21TWh of power.  This led to emissions of approx. 10Mt CO2e (approx. 70% of all offshore Oil & Gas emissions), because the power was generated by burning natural gas or diesel.

As there is still the requirement for oil and gas products during the energy transition, it is important that this is reduced as far as reasonably possible.  

Our aim is to assist the industry to reduce the emissions from power generation in the offshore environment. We aimed to look for on-platform technologies that reduce this impact for existing UK North Sea infrastructure that align with the following key areas:

Decarbonisation of Power Systems (Brownfield) – technologies to enable and optimise the conversion of existing electrical power systems on brownfield assets to partial/full electrification, including alternative fuels 

Energy storage, power management & efficiency – Retrofittable energy storage for offshore assets to ensure assets are operating and utilising power efficiently to minimise emissions 

Low Carbon Power Sources – Local clean power generation for offshore assets and infrastructure