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TechX Clean Energy: Reaching zero with start-ups

15 September 2021
Written by Stuart MacKinven

This week marks Scotland’s Climate Week, a time to celebrate Scotland’s leadership in tackling climate change and raising awareness of the global climate emergency. A time to look forward, remain vigilant and continue to take action. After three successful years of supporting 33 start-up companies, the TechX team continues to innovate and enhance its accelerator programme. It’s clear that clean energy technologies are fundamental to achieving net zero and climate goals. Start-up companies are vital to introducing and commercialising the next generation of technology that will disrupt the current energy system.

That’s why this year the Net Zero Technology Centre reimagined its TechX Accelerator programme, and proudly launched TechX Clean Energy – a technology accelerator that has net zero credentials firmly in its DNA. So, how did we get here?

The second cohort from our original Pioneer Accelerator saw 27% of the start-ups develop solutions aligned towards net zero, while our third and most recent programme saw 50% of these early stage companies offering clean energy solutions. TechX Clean Energy is our own natural evolution towards leading and driving positive activity in support of a green recovery, aligning with our Centre’s overall mission: developing and deploying technologies for an affordable net zero energy industry. TechX believes that technology start-ups will play an ever-increasing role in driving this transition.

Our investor network has also been enhanced, targeting firms whose strategies are focused on climate tech, cleantech, and energy tech solutions. TechX have also been onboarding new technology partners and mentors who have a background in energy sectors beyond oil and gas, further complementing our existing support network. We are confident that our new accelerator will enable our start-ups to drive the transition. 

What are we looking for?

TechX Clean Energy aims to accelerate start-ups seeking to develop leading-edge technologies that will enable the transition towards net zero. We are interested in solutions that will significantly contribute towards a reduction in the carbon footprint of the energy industry. Our primary technology focus areas include:

  • Renewable energy technologies, green/blue hydrogen and other clean fuels
  • Carbon capture, utilisation, storage and transportation
  • Digitalisation (where this enables carbon reductions)
  • Oil and gas emissions reduction technologies

Who are we looking for?

We need innovative and forward-thinking start-ups and business founders. Technologists and commercial-thinkers who are passionate about accelerating the energy transition. This year, we’re particularly interested in gender diverse founder teams and have set an aspiration to see 30% of shortlisted start-ups to be led by female founders or co-founders. Our continuing virtual programme delivery will also ensure flexibility and accessibility for all start-up teams.

The TechX Clean Energy Accelerator opens a door to participating start-ups; from market access and expert mentorship to an introduction to the Net Zero Technology Centre’s extensive energy network. We also have a successful track record of supporting our companies to secure field trials to pilot their technology, and there’s the added benefit of each start-up receiving a grant of up to £100,000. Once the 15-week programme is complete, participating start-ups have the added bonus of receiving two years’ additional business support and co-working space for free at the Net Zero Technology Centre to ensure their growth trajectory continues towards successful commercialisation.

Apply and accelerate today

TechX Clean Energy is stepping up to the energy transition challenge. Are you ready to be part of the journey?

Applications for the TechX Clean Energy Accelerator are now open, with a closing date of 28 November 2021. Discover more about the Clean Energy Accelerator at our virtual roadshow events which provide the opportunity to meet our team, successful alumni and partners, and ask any questions you may have. Or visit where you can find out all there is to know about TechX.

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