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Alternative Fuel Gas Turbines: Accelerating development of gas turbines that run on clean fuels

08 September 2021 2 minute read

A significant amount of UKCS emissions created by power generation will remain unabated due to the lack of a technically or economically viable solution. This is where the main opportunity lies for Alternative Fuel Gas Turbine, a retrofittable solution for existing gas turbines. It will deliver a solution that requires minimal topside equipment modification, and a provides a comparatively low-cost CO2 abatement option.

The Alternative Fuel Gas Turbine project will deliver a cost-effective solution to decarbonise power generation across Scotland’s oil and gas operations and existing onshore industrial processes and electricity generation plant without extensive modifications. This is a design, engineer and manufacture opportunity with significant domestic and export potential that will create and secure local jobs.

Because the technology is a retrofit solution, many of the existing skills of the oil and gas workforce will be highly transferable to the new technology. The full project will sustain up to 440 oil and gas jobs, plus create new jobs across manufacturing and offshore implementation.

The retrofit solution will be trialled and tested in the North Sea and has the potential to abate more than 2.5 Mt/yr CO2e across the UKCS, of which 2 Mt/yr abatement can be apportioned to Scotland (4% of Scotland’s total emissions).

Securing a carbon neutral gas solution for offshore power generation will provide a sustainable operating alternative to extend life of platforms, securing jobs and delaying decommissioning costs. This technology can be used to decarbonise other industrial clusters as well as export market.

The faster this technology can be developed, the exponentially higher the environmental benefits will be for Scotland, capturing as much of the otherwise unabated emissions as soon as possible.

Net Zero Technology Transition Programme

In August 2021, the Net Zero Technology Centre was awarded £16.5million from the Scottish Government’s Energy Transition Fund. The award, match-funded by industry, will drive seven projects:

The projects are designed to develop the skills, technologies, and infrastructure that Scotland needs to deliver an affordable green economic recovery.

We don’t simply want to deliver net zero for the UK, we want to seize the full economic benefits of doing so in a global market with huge export potential – and maintain that advantage long into the future.

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