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Data for Net Zero: Developing analytics to unlock the energy transition

08 September 2021 2 minute read

Developing analytics to unlock energy transition action and deliver the world’s first smart energy basin

The development of digitally enabled smart cities around the world has demonstrated the value of being able to integrate, visualise and analyse data from multi-sectoral monitoring devices in order to optimise the efficiency of city operations and services, minimise environmental impact and connect to citizens. To date, this approach has not been applied in the offshore energy sector for a specific basin or to support our net zero aspirations.

The Data for Net Zero (D4NZ) project aims to be a first for the offshore energy sector and will deliver the world’s first Smart Energy Basin, based on the smart cities approach. Utilising an integrated suite of data science, visualisation and modelling tools, the Smart Energy Basin will be a digital copy of the of the entire energy basin that will be utilised to accelerate a range of cross-sectoral decision-making approaches for energy integration and the transition to a net zero energy system by 2045.

Initially, the focus will be on a discrete group of offshore energy assets before widening the approach across the basin.

The ultimate vision is to make the Smart Energy Basin a service that offers a set of robust tools to close fundamental gaps in cross-industry data sharing, providing a holistic visualisation of the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS), unlocking investment through robust scenario planning and de-risking of new technologies, in turn, stimulating their development and use throughout a net zero transition and beyond.

The DN4Z will be a truly different way of working, pioneering collaboration and breaking down barriers across the industry and allowing SMEs and providers of innovation technologies and solutions access to an integrated energy future.

Net Zero Technology Transition Programme

In August 2021, the Net Zero Technology Centre was awarded £16.5million from the Scottish Government’s Energy Transition Fund. The award, match-funded by industry, will drive seven projects:

The projects are designed to develop the skills, technologies, and infrastructure that Scotland needs to deliver an affordable green economic recovery.

We don’t simply want to deliver net zero for the UK, we want to seize the full economic benefits of doing so in a global market with huge export potential – and maintain that advantage long into the future.

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