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26. A TechX start-up journey: Next level direct air capture technology

06 April 2023

In our latest episode of Transition Talks, we sit down with Shiladitya Ghosh, PhD, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Mission Zero Technologies, a company that is revolutionising the fight against climate change through developing direct air capture (DAC) technology that recovers high-purity CO2 from the air.

In 2020, Mission Zero took part in Cohort 3 of the Net Zero Technology Centre’s TechX Accelerator programme, which offers clean energy start-ups mentorship, funding and access to NZTC’s global energy network. 

Shil will take us through his start-up journey, sharing his experiences and insights on what it takes to develop a game-changing technology. We will explore the future of DAC technology and its potential impact on reducing carbon footprint.  

Topics covered in this podcast: 
  • Mission Zero Technologies’ start-up journey and how it benefited from participating in the TechX Clean Energy Accelerator programme 
  • What is DAC technology? 
  • What is the current stage of its development? 
  • How does the technology developed by MZT differ from other offerings? 
  • What is the energy requirement of DAC? 
  • How much CO2 can we capture using DAC technology 
  • Challenges for scaling up deployment of DAC technologies 
  • The future of DAC 
  • Start-up funding sources 

Featuring Shiladitya Ghosh, PhD, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Mission Zero Technologies.

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