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Advancing Remote Operations landscape study

The UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) is an energy system undergoing change. With increasing pressures to decarbonise and ensure a secure and affordable supply of energy, remote operations are being increasingly seen to help overcome many of these challenges. 
As part of the Advancing Remote Operations (ARO) project, this landscape study was conducted to evaluate remote operations across offshore brownfield and greenfield assets in the current and future energy mix. By exploring global successes and challenges, it delves into key technologies, workforce considerations, and operating models required for a connected UKCS. 
To unlock the full potential of remote operations across the UKCS, action is recommended across seven key areas:  

  • Inter-company collaboration and communication across the energy and adjacent industries. 
  • Standardised technology foundations with robust connectivity, data architecture, and cybersecurity. 
  • Value-driven business cases for digital technologies addressing strategic goals. 
  • Investment in a dedicated centre to advance industry expertise, research, development, commercialisation, and workforce talent. 
  • Incentivised and engaged workforce actively participating in the digitalisation journey. 
  • Supportive legislation and incentives for digital development. 
  • Enhanced commercial environment promoting the development of remote operations solutions across the supply chain. 

Download the study for the key findings and full recommendations.

The ARO project is one of seven projects being delivered through NZTC’s Net Zero Technology Transition Programme (NZTTP), which was awarded £16.5 million from the Scottish Government’s Energy Transition Fund (ETF). 

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