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The OEDA Project Overview and Review

At present, data sharing between organisations is limited within the UK offshore energy sector, restricting the enhancement of decision-making, the adoption of automated and remote technologies, and ultimately, operational efficiency. 
The Offshore Energy Digital Architecture (OEDA) project aims to establish the technical and non-technical requirements to deliver an integrated data sharing ecosystem for the industry. By increasing awareness and visibility of data, this will facilitate collaboration which could be instrumental in helping industry understand, benchmark, and minimise their emissions impact. 
The project overview and review presents eight key observations and recommendations for the future phases of OEDA, to enable to project to continually assist industry in facing the barriers associated with data sharing platforms: 

  1. Early data availability as a fixed requirement   
  1. Emphasis on use cases that can be built with existing data  
  1. Establish governance roles for service development  
  1. Diversify funding streams   
  1. Build on existing stakeholder engagement  
  1. Streamlined legal process   
  1. Digital literacy to understand technology options  
  1. Active participation from sponsors   

For a more in-depth look at the technical feasibility, pilot architecture and ontology, business cost model, delivery assurance and the data sharing landscape, download the technical reviews here.  
The OEDA project is one of seven projects being delivered through NZTC’s Net Zero Technology Transition Programme (NZTTP), which was awarded £16.5 million from the Scottish Government’s Energy Transition Fund (ETF).  

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